Our Story

Fermion Biosystems is dedicated to the technical advancement of early-stage biotechnology startups and research laboratories. We provide consulting and contracting services to enable rapid proof-of-concept studies of novel bioelectronics systems. With expertise in integrated circuit design, electronics, software development and microfabrication, Fermion Biosystems is able to offer a wide breadth of solutions that fit your company's needs and budget.

Consulting and Contracting Services

Let us help you on-site! Through flexible engagements, Fermion Biosystems can work beside your scientists and collaborate to develop truly unique solutions to your engineering challenges. Working side-by-side, we can learn your needs and requirements on a level not possible through traditional contracting work. Our custom solutions to your bioelectronics challenges will enable improved efficiency at the lab bench and better data for your pitch deck! Service available in the greater-Boston region. Remote services also available.

Investment Advisory

Considering a seed investment in a new Biotech startup? Ready to support a Series B? Come chat with us first! Fermion Biosystems is uniquely familiar with the technical challenges facing early-stage startups. Allow us to perform a technical and feasibility evaluation for you and make better decisions about where your funds are allocated.

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